What is BTCS?

BTCS is the abbreviation of BitcoinStake, which represents the improvement of POW mode. The technology based on POS consensus is an alternative to traditional POW consensus. It has the following features:

  • Compare to POW mode the use of equity proof mechanism (POS) is more environmentally friendly.It also reduces the resource consumption of mathematical operations to a certain extent.

  • Break the mining monopoly of chip makers in general and decentralize bitcoin power. It aims to recover the early situation that everyone can participate into the bitcoin mining.

  • It has high expansibility, and in feature we will bring in the technology of intelligent contract, zero-knowledge proof,etc.

Common problem

What is BTCS?

The contention of the bitcoin expansion over the past three years has seriously blocked the process of development of bitcoin. Meanwhile, it also suffered a strong siege of innovative currencies such as Zcash, that resulted in losting huge market share. Then many geeks in the community determine to inject new vitality into bitcoin for its continuing way. The act is praised and supported by many prestigious leaders in community. We will foster and develop a fork test at a height of 499999 so as to add new features to bitcoin. When the bifurcation is done, the same amount of BTCS will be given in the proportion of 1:100.

What is the total amount of BTCS?

The use of the pre - dug BTCS.

Team Introduction

  • Kevin Li

    Kevin Li

    Blockchain Expert

    Proficient in English and Vietnamese He has served the technical director of the Hewlett-Packard Company and New World Fashion group; He has been the project director of Shanghai Gingkoo and participated in the development of starfish chain; He has been a senior project manager of Zhejiang Dahua. In 2013, he entered the block chain industry, and became the domestic block chain technology senior developer, being Stellar China community technology's main force.

  • Ankit Gaur

    Ankit Gaur

    Block chain experts

    Founder of Crytone Capital Company in India;IT technical expert with more than 10 years of experience; graduated from M.D. University,Rohtak; He is in charge of research work in India and popularizing BTCS in India community.

  • Peng Bo

    Peng Bo

    Encryption Algorithm expert

    Independent angel investor,Entrepreneur.He was CACR member,and technical leader of technology industry demonstration project of NDRC. He will be responsible for the overall team building and the financing of the related resources.

  • Dong Lin

    Dong Lin

    Block chain technical expert

    Stellar China community technical member;engaged in the bottom of the blockchain architecture design, technology integration and system optimization and other research and development work;well versed in the development of blockchain. In charge of the development of a number of virtual currencies, intelligent contracts, encryption algorithms; have a good understanding of C / C + + programming, GDB debugging, data structures and algorithms. He was involved in the development of various blockchain projects based on Bitcoin, Bitshares and Ethereum.

  • Helen Nathanael

    Helen Nathanael

    British Community Leader

    A fashion designer from the UK. She has more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Helen will provide professional support and industry resources for the community activities in the fashion industry.

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